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26 de Febrero 2006

FSPilot Connects FS2004 to Google Earth

FSPilot and FS2004 in Google EarthMircrosoft Flight Simulator 2004 can now output to Google Earth via FSPilot V1.4. FSPilot is an add-on application for FS2004 which is an enhanced autopilot, navigation, and flight planning utility which works with all planes and helicopters for the simulator. This new version can export your flight path (in a fashion very similar to a GPS track), and other flight plan information, to Google Earth directly from the application. You can export the location of nav aids (NDBs, VORs, airports, etc.) as well.

This application is different from the application I wrote about last summer which allows you to follow locations of planes in FS2004 in Google Earth using network links. FSPilot V1.4 is more like a "GPS" output for flight paths or flight plans to Google Earth. You can download FSPilot V1.4 for free here. The application is donation-ware (meaning they expect you to donate some money if you use it beyond a test). Here is the announcement they made at the GEC.

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