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9 de Febrero 2006

Follow Steve Fossett/Global Flyer in Google Earth

Steve Fossett Global Flyer in Google EarthSteve Fossett departed yesterday in his attempt with the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer to break the record for the longest distance flight in history. Now, thanks to the efforts of the guy who has been doing the network link for the Volvo Ocean Race, we have a way to track Steve Fossett's flight around the world using Google Earth. The position updates about every five minutes, you can click on the icon to see his current speed and altitude as well.

Here's the official web site for the Steve Fossett attempt. And here's the post where 'lucifer666' posted his network link. By the way, this would have been posted earlier today, but I was doing my own "long distance" flying in a Cessna Skylane from St. Louis back to Raleigh today.

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 9 de Febrero 2006 a las 02:39 PM

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    My company (Metal Toad Media) created the map images for Blue Sky Network, which were used to track the Global Flyer's position. We recently took that information and created a time-lapse movie of the most recent Global Flyer flight.


    Enviado por: Joaquin Lippincott at 16 de Febrero 2006 a las 11:50 AM

    buscando en google heart parece una avioneta mirenlo ????
    1699mt altura

    Enviado por: giorgio at 24 de Septiembre 2007 a las 05:20 PM

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