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7 de Febrero 2006

Earthquake Monitoring

USGS Earthquakes in Google EarthEarthquakes are happening around the world all the time, we just can't feel all of them. The US Geological Survey (USGS) is constantly monitoring the Earth with sensitive instruments and for some time now has offered ways of sharing their data on the web through their Earthquake Hazards Program. In addition to RSS feeds, they introduced Google Earth KML network links which allow you to continuously monitor the status of earthquakes around the world. You can zoom in and look at the areas in the detailed satellite or aerial photos of GE. But, since most of the photos in GE are one or more years old, you won't see evidence of that recent quake.

You have two main options off the USGS Earthquake Hazards page, plus a third option I found for just bigger quakes:

This is real-time data which can help you determine whether that shaking you felt really was a quake. One Google Earth Community member wrote how he experienced the earthquake data first-hand.

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 7 de Febrero 2006 a las 09:16 AM

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    Support KML for monitoring of Earthquakes very good!
    I think, all seismologists need support it new realtime standart. With http support can also stored more additional params of Earthquakes. KML support this in baloons.
    Very good, if also USGS recommend this format to other "Earthquakes" organizations.

    Enviado por: Valery at 7 de Febrero 2006 a las 11:05 AM

    Very very cool!!
    Thanks a lot man, love your blog :)

    Enviado por: chesss at 7 de Febrero 2006 a las 04:48 PM

    Hey - I live in hudson ohio between Akron and Cleveland and the house just shook - enough to have bottles fell off desk - anyone know what happened? My son was on the internet with some other people and they felt it in Akron too (about 15 miles from us.

    Enviado por: elaine at 12 de Marzo 2007 a las 07:28 PM

    Hi Elaine,

    There was seismic activity near you according to this USGS earthquake monitoring layer. It says it was 3.2 magnitude. Here is the USGS event record at their web site:

    Enviado por: Frank Taylor at 12 de Marzo 2007 a las 08:03 PM

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