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15 de Febrero 2006

Data Update, Ferry Routes

Ferry Routes in Google EarthGoogle has release a minor data update, and one new feature to their roads maps. The new feature now shows ferry routes for the Roads Layer for maps in North America. The example in the screenshot here includes ferry routes around Vancouver. The other part of the update includes placemarks posted within the Google Earth Community Layers (this means all the thousands of new placemarks posted at the GEC since the last update have been added into the layer). NOTE: there is no update this time to the satellite or aerial photos. ALSO NOTE: the update to the ferry routes is available in Google Local as well.

Another part of the update is to the Google Earth Community Showcase layer. The Community Showcase layer now includes updates to UNESCO World Heritage and the World Wide Panorama. Both of which I've written about here before. Another collection in the layer is the Confluence Placemarks which is one I somehow haven't written about (even though I knew about it - I will write about it soon).

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