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4 de Febrero 2006

95 Seas of the World in Google Earth

95 Seas of the World in Google EarthAnother one from 'H21' of the Google Earth Community who points out there are more than seven seas as is commonly believed. He has marked 95 seas of the world . Once you download the file, I suggest you turn on "Borders" to clearly show which countries are nearby.

Unfortunately, Google Earth shows the bathymetric subsurface land instead of showing satellite photos of the seas. Maybe future versions of GE will have a layer that lets you turn on either satellite views or show the undersea surface. Near the shore of some major port cities you can find high-resolution satellite photos or even aerial photos of near-shore seas. There you will find all manner of boats and ships and even planes flying.

H21 asks in his post whether there are even more seas, but so far no one has suggested any. I imagine there are many historical and political differences over the naming of seas. Here's the Wikipedia entry on "Sea" which lists quite a few seas.

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