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6 de Enero 2006

Volvo Ocean Race Leg 2

Pirates of the Caribbean Sailboat Volvo Ocean RaceLeg 2 of the Volvo Ocean Race (an around the world sailing yacht race) began on January 2nd. You can get the details about the race and Google Earth network link in my earlier stories here and here. Or you can just download the network link now.

By the way, two of the boats have turned back to South Africa due to damage near the start of leg 2. Team Ericsson stopped racing and turned back with a failure of one keel actuating ram, and then Brasil 1 turned back with structural failure in the region of the cockpit. These boats are very powerful, but the southern ocean is very menacing. The boats have to be very careful in these dangerous seas, winds, and ice. In order to win, you have to finish! The two boats returning may be able to effect repairs and return to the race.

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    This race yatch is cool. I have never seen Pirates of the caribbean yatch.

    Enviado por: Caribbean at 29 de Agosto 2006 a las 01:19 AM

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