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23 de Enero 2006

Victoria Cross Recipients in Google Earth

Victoria Cross in Google EarthOne of the Google Earth Community members who calls himself "Up_The_Spurs" has just completed an excellent collection of placemarks related to the Victoria Cross. The Victoria Cross is the highest award for gallantry, on the field of combat, for all British & Commonwealth Citizens. There have been 1351-1355 VC's awarded, and they are all included in this collection. The collection shows the placemark of the birthplace of each recipient and provides details on the recipient including when they lived, why they received the cross, and sometimes even pictures.

Much of the data came from the Wikipedia. But, he also used other sources. You can read details about what was done in his post here. This was quite a big task which took Up_The_Spurs at least 3 weeks to complete. Great work! See his Boxing Champions collection as well.

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