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6 de Enero 2006

Updates on the Live Google Keynote at CES

(image from Engadget)

The CES Google Keynote just started 5 minutes ago. It started out with Google Earth being shown flying over the Eiffel tower, then to one of the Africa Megaflyover images, then to the Grand Canyon, and then to Las Vegas (where the CES is being held). Next, Larry Page (co-founder of Google) shows up in a lab coat on the stage on top of one of the robot SUVs which raced in the Darpa Robot challenge! (see live reports from the show at Engadget).

Larry said they are working with VW to put a live version of Google Earth in your car dashboard. They did a demo of it showing an aerial view of where you were driving. Very interesting!

Both the...

Both the Google Video Store deal and the Google Pack mentioned earlier have been announced in press releases at Google (Video and Pack). The Google Pack includes Google Earth. You can download the Google Pack now at Pack.Google.com. As far as I can tell, it is the current beta version of Google Earth, nothing new.

Apparently Robin Williams was invited up and has the audience rolling on the floor. :-)

Google Local Mobile was shown on a Blackberry earlier in the presentation. Here's a link to the new Google web page for downloading GLM. It reportedly works very well on the Blackberry.

They are doing the Q&A now, so it looks like there's no chance for any mention of new Google Earth stuff. From the comments being posted at Engadget it looks like Google's going to get a beating from a lot of analysts (especially Mac and Linux users). The Google Pack contains no real new products, and the Video Store won't really compete with the iTunes videos because they don't support the Mac. Apparently some people think the GLM thing is the biggest new product released at the keynote. I'll wait until I see the video of the presentation before I make any further observations.

Apparently the audience at the keynote thought it was the most entertaining keynote ever. Michael Jones from Google Earth told the Engadget guys they were backstage downloading their blog updates the whole time. :-)

Here's a link to a portion of the keynote on video from CNET. This part covers the Google Video Store announcement.

Here's a link to the entire keynote as a podcast (audio only) in two parts from the San Francisco Chronicle. (Caution, the Robin Williams parts are probably not appropriate for children)

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    This is good news, I likethe sound of the GLM

    Enviado por: SashDaMan at 6 de Enero 2006 a las 08:43 PM

    The only video from the keynote I've found so far is at CNET:


    It only covers the portion announcing the Google Video Store.

    Enviado por: Frank Taylor at 7 de Enero 2006 a las 03:40 PM

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