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24 de Enero 2006

Sundance Film Festival "Event Map" in Google Earth

Sundance Film Festival in Google EarthConference event planners should take note of this. Someone posted a really excellent "event map" for people attending the Sundance Film Festival which lets people use the power of Google Earth to plan the locations they will be visiting. Both the satellite and aerial photographs of the area, and the 3D terrain are quite useful for getting your bearings in the Salt Lake City, Utah and Park City, Utah areas where the events are being held. The person posting the map, who calls himself 'smcq', provides details on getting around at the airport, the route and directions to Park City, bus routes and stops in Park City, parking areas, locations of the theaters, and even information on nearby ski options.

t's a shame I didn't see this one last week in time for people planning to attend the Sundance Film Festival (the event is more than half way over now). This event map is an excellent example of using the power of Google Earth to help travellers understand what to do and see while visiting an event. Tourism offices of major events take note! 'smcq' used some very clever techniques for showing different types of information. For example, at the airport he used a transparent GIF to show labels and directions for the area, he used different colored paths for bus routes, and drammatically different shapes and colors for icons of locations. Excellent work!

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