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31 de Enero 2006

Panoramio - Photos of the World

Panoramio Photos in Google EarthA few weeks ago, a new photo browsing network link was introduced which is filling the gap left by the currently non-functional Flickr Photos network link for showing georeferenced photos in Google Earth. Panoramio not only provides a Google Earth network link for browsing photos all over the world, but also allows you to quickly and easily mark a location on a Google Maps mashup where you took a photo(s) and upload the photo(s) to their database with a description. The service is free to use and was created by two guys in Spain named Joaquín Cuenca Abela and Eduardo Manchón Aguilar.

Once you download the photo browsing network link, just look at an area of the Earth you are interested in, and after pausing a few seconds, it will load photo icon placemarks from their database for that area. They currently have over 8000 photos in the database. Click on a photo placemark to see a larger version of the photo and description. You can even play with GE to try and find the exact position where the photo was taken by looking at the satellite or aerial photos and 3D terrain in GE. Panoramio is fun, and I highly recommend it. - (Digg Story)

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    Really interesting, I like it

    Enviado por: Isabel at 8 de Junio 2006 a las 12:33 PM

    Great Idea! Congrats guys! And thanx.
    But I've got one small problem: I've created a panoramio account, uploaded my photo and in the end I've placed it on the map. But it was not in my Google Earth. How can I integrate my photo with Google Earth?

    Enviado por: Raimo O. Schmidt at 13 de Abril 2007 a las 06:28 AM

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