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12 de Enero 2006

New Forum, Details on Google Earth for Mac

The beta version of Google Earth for the Mac released on Tuesday, 10-Jan-2006, is version 3.1.0527 and runs on Mac OS X 10.4+. This version does not quite have a complete set of the features seen on the Windows version. There are just a few uncompleted features for the Mac version:

  1. No browser internal to GE
  2. No full-screen mode
  3. No Gmail support
  4. No Plus or Pro version for the Mac yet

Google Earth onf the Mac also won't be capable of running specialized applications like the Globe Glider which uses Windows-only IE scripts to perform its magic. But, almost all standard Google Earth files and network links reportedly work just fine. All other features seem to work quite well, and only a few people will miss the features not yet implemented.

Google has created a "Google Earth for Mac OSX" Support Forum at the Google Earth Community. If you want to see what current problems people are experiencing, or want to report your own, go to that forum.

Google reportedly plans to support OS X 10.3.9. If you want to read a review of Google Earth by a real GE Mac fan, try OgleEarth.

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    Does anyone happen to know the current plans for Google Earth running natively on Linux?

    Enviado por: Frank Daley at 16 de Enero 2006 a las 05:43 AM

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