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28 de Enero 2006

Highest Points in 177 Countries

Highest Points of Countries in Google EarthLet's do a little fun sightseeing for the weekend. This collection of placemarks was done by "H21" from the Google Earth Community. H21 shows the highest points geographically in 177 countries. You can go to each location, checkout the satellite or aerial photo, and try tilting your view so you can see the height and shape of the 3D landscape at an angle. Turn on Google Earth Community layers to see other interesting information about the area.

The post for H21's collection is here in case you want to tell H21 about the locations for other countries, or have a correction to send him. H21 has done a number of interesting collections including those I've written about here: "Around the World in 80 Days", "Places Quoted in Shakespeare", and "Castles in Highres"

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