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20 de Enero 2006

High Resolution 3D Eiffel Tower for Google Earth

3d Eiffel Tower in Google EarthSomeone at the Google Earth Community, who calls himself 'Sanga', recently posted the highest-fidelity 3D model of the Eiffel Tower yet. He used SketchUp (a 3D modelling program which has excellent conversion tools for Google Earth). He posted two versions of the Eiffel Tower - the larger one has a huge number of polygons, the smaller one still looks very good (and you may want the smaller one if you have less graphics memory). Turn off the "Terrain" Layer as this messes up the view of the base of the tower. Here they are: Eiffel Tower (1.8 Mbytes) and Eiffel Tower (1.04 MBytes) .

By the way, Sanga also developed a very detailed 3D model of the Taj Mahal (2 Mbytes) . Here's his post for this one.

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