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10 de Enero 2006

Google Earth announcing Mac version today!

This is the one many people have been waiting for! Today, in time for MacWorld, Google has announced the availability of a version of Google Earth for the Mac! There's a link off the home page for GE at http://earth.google.com/ to the Official Google Blog announcement. There's also a screenshot of the new release. Also, the word "Beta" is missing from the Google Earth logo! The version released is for Mac OSX 10.4 and up, so upgrade if you aren't there yet.

[EDITED: added the link to the blog announcement, and the OS version.]

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    Looks like there are some initial teething problems with the new Mac release, for instance some image overlays aren't working as expected. See http://www.babilim.co.uk/blog/2006/01/google-earth-for-mac-os-x.html


    Enviado por: Alasdair Allan at 11 de Enero 2006 a las 10:02 AM

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