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30 de Diciembre 2005

World's Longest Railroad in Google Earth

The Trans-Siberian Railroad is the longest railroad in the world. The eastern terminus in Vladivostok is 9,289 km (5, 772 miles) from Moscow. This excellent Google Earth file has been created by a Google Earth Community moderator called "Hill" (who has posted over 3000 posts). He recently upgraded what was originally a collection of placemarks to also include paths showing the tracks of the Trans-Siberian Railroad. Once you download the file you can fly a tour of the entire route, or visit the various cities where the railroad stops. You can turn off the paths if you want to see the view of the tracks in Google Earth unimpeded. Or you can just admire the vast extent of the largest railroad in the world.

You can view the official Trans-Siberian Railroad website (English or Russian or German). I also recommend you read Hill's Post at the GEC which includes other photos and details. Great work Hill!

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