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14 de Diciembre 2005

Wilco Database of Concert Tours

Wilco Concerts in Google EarthThe alternative rock band Wilco, which recently won a Grammy, has some dedicated fans who have collected all sorts of data about the band. They have not only the locations and tours of where they have played, but details on the set lists of songs they played at each location. Their web site at Wilco Base has recently released a Google Earth file showing the locations and tours of Wilco with links to the data. Once you download the GE file, click on the "Where's WIlco" folder in your Places pane to see the data. Click on a placemark to see the link to the set lists.

This is the first example of documenting a band's travel I've seen. I expect there will be many more in the future. Imagine following historical trips and reminiscing about concerts you've attended in the past? Thanks to Rob of Wilco Base for bringing this to my attention, and great work!

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