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2 de Diciembre 2005

Near Real-time Flight Tracking in Google Earth

Flight tracker Flying in Google Earth screenshotA couple of days ago someone at the Google Earth Community posted a new dynamic data network link for tracking of all inbound flights into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The data updates currently about every 15 seconds. Once you download the flight tracker , you will see the airplane icons and tracks showing the last few position updates of the airlines flight. If you click on the airplane icon you get its altitude and airspeed.

What is really neat is zooming in on LAX and watching airplanes slow down, descend and land at the airport. And don't forget, you can tilt your views in Google Earth and see the planes do their descent in 3D.

This network link was developed by some guys at fboweb.com which provides services to pilots for doing flight planning, flight logs, provides airport information, and flight tracking. They also provide services so pilots can do their job and get data with a PDA. Here's the thread of posts where the dynamic data link was posted.

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    And now some 3D planes flying according to fboweb data. The url will get a *.kmz file in which 5 networklinks. One has to turn those links on before they'll work. Each Networklink has a height value which maximizes the max altitude of the planes to get in 3D action. You are free to change this value but be aware that the size of the files can be very large.


    Enviado por: Sven at 9 de Enero 2006 a las 06:10 AM

    Mix this with live online radio traffic and it gets even better..

    Enviado por: rumba at 15 de Enero 2006 a las 05:05 PM

    very good information.

    Enviado por: shafqat at 15 de Febrero 2006 a las 07:16 AM

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