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1 de Diciembre 2005

More GIS Data for Google Earth

World Designer Atlas GIS Maps in Google Earthwidth=250 height=204 hspace=The guys who published the Russian bird migration tracks I wrote about last week have also been creating a great collection of GIS (Geographic Information System) data regarding basic world geographical information for Google Earth. They call the collection "World Designer", and it includes all kinds of information including boundaries and territories for continents, regions, countries, administrative units, coastlines, lakes, oceans, timezones and populations.

Once you download World Designer , you need to find the "World Designer" folder in your Temporary Places in Google Earth and click on it. Then open the folders after it loads and start turning on the information you want to look at. This data is presented in a clean fashion, so much so that you don't realize just how much information you are looking at until you start looking at it in more detail. Here is the post at the GEC where Valery35 makes available the latest version of World Designer.

This and other Google Earth works by the same guys can be found at their GIS-LAB web site (both English and Russian versions are available). Their network links are well done technically, and they seem to have some very good GIS information data sources. Excellent stuff!

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