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3 de Diciembre 2005

Massive New Data Update for Google Earth

Google released a major update to their Google Earth database last night. The biggest update is to the UK which includes a large number of cities of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales all at 6-inch resolution. In addition, .7 meter resolution data was added for a number of cities around the world including Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt; several cities in India; Mexico City; Sydney, Australia; and several others. The Galapogos Islands had a mask fix, and even a few cities in the US were updated. In particular, check out the USGS data for Las Vegas. Here's the post at the Google Earth Community with all the details.

Get out there and explore! And those of you who like adding placemarks for interesting things to look at will have a field day for a few weeks to come at least.

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 3 de Diciembre 2005 a las 08:22 AM

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    it's perfect program

    Enviado por: Everton Alencar at 6 de Diciembre 2005 a las 11:26 AM

    Google Earth makes informing them of errors very difficult and they are totally unresponsive to such help. I have wasted a lot of time trying to actually (like drive there, which nobody seems to do)because of errors. Even worse is the danger, what is shown as a road for cars turns out to be unusable by an ATV! In addition:

    1. There are roads shown which don't exist;
    2. There are roads not shown that do exist;
    3. There are roads named incorrectly;
    4. There are 2,3, or 4 roads shown intersecting that all been given the same name;
    5. There are roads shown that are private roads that have locked gates, no trespassing signs, or other movement stoppers;
    6. The resolution provided by GE within the U.S. is usually far less than what is available from other sources -- including NASA, for free.
    My real issue is how do you get them to pay attention to people who are trying to help them improve GE?!

    Enviado por: Hank Hudgins at 7 de Diciembre 2005 a las 12:53 PM

    Hank, I suggest your try posting your problems in the Google Earth Community in the Data Discussions forum locted here:


    I didn't see any posts by you in that forum. It is the best place to get directly in front of the eyes of the Google Earth team. I'll keep an eye out for your post and add my input.

    Enviado por: Frank Taylor at 7 de Diciembre 2005 a las 01:06 PM

    Thank you Google Earth team! The updated UK map data is stunning and is just what I (and many others) have been waiting for. Keep up the good work!

    Enviado por: Ross at 9 de Diciembre 2005 a las 10:04 PM

    i have posted names of many landmarks in my home town a month ago on google earth map.
    till today i do not see any ,instead i see what others have posted. why??

    Enviado por: bassam oueida at 31 de Enero 2007 a las 07:56 AM

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