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29 de Diciembre 2005

Google Earth, Journalism, and New York Times

Stefan Geens has written a couple of interesting entries at his blog Ogle Earth about Google Earth's growing visibility in mainstream journalism. Specifically he refers to a couple of recent articles in the New York Times involving Google Earth.

Stefan calls the first blog entry "Blurgate" which refers to the NY Times article which came out last week called "Governments Tremble at Google's Bird's-Eye View". This sensational title was ameliorated by the facts presented in the article with regards to high resolution photos of sensitive places and how Google only provides data which is publicly available. But, as Stefan points out they did admit to an error regarding the fact that the Naval Observatory, and the Vice President's residence, are still blurred in Google Earth. Read Stefan's entry for more details.

Stefan's second blog entry refers to a more recent NY Times article called "Below a Mountain of Wealth, a River of Waste" which is an investigative article about an environmentally irresponsible gold mine in Indonesia. The Journalist used Google Earth to look at the mine. Stefan correctly points out how these articles are demonstrating the increasing relevancy of Google Earth in the media at large. By the way, Stefan also provides a link to an "amazing" image overlay posted at the Google Earth Community which shows the mine in more detail.

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