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31 de Diciembre 2005

Frank's Favorite Google Earth Blog Stories For 2005

Best wishes for a Happy New Year to all GEB readers!

The following is a list of my 10 favorite Google Earth Blog Stories for 2005 (out of nearly 200 entries) with a brief description why I picked each one (listed alphabetically).

  1. 500 National Geographic... - The new National Geographic layer was just announced. Fantastic resource!
  2. Arizona Hiking Trip - Documented my own personal hike up a mountain in Arizona. All you need is a GPS to do your own.
  3. Business Opportunities and Google Earth - My thoughts on business and Google Earth
  4. City of Portland GIS - These guys have done the best GIS related work in Google Earth
  5. Real Estate Done Google Earth Style - Real estate is one of the most powerful uses of GE
  6. Sailing the Seven Seas - I spent months documenting a sailing trip we took two years ago using Google Earth
  7. Sir Ernest Shackleton - One of the best historical documentaries for Google Earth
  8. Tracking a Whale Shark - Regularly followed a Whale Shark until they lost the signal a couple of weeks ago
  9. UK Autumn Leaves - A really cool network link which allowed you to track leaf color changes
  10. World Wide Panorama - Find a world of panorama pictures using Google Earth

There are many other interesting Google Earth files to be found on GEB. Make use of the category links, or the Search feature to find more. Also, check out the reference library for links to Google Earth related web sites or reference material.

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