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27 de Diciembre 2005

Adidas Promotion Uses Google Earth

The Australian division of Adidas has put together a slick advertising promotion of their participation in the 2006 World Cup Football competition. The winner of a game, which uses Google Earth for its interface, gets a 2006 Adidas World Cup football signed by Harry Kewell.

To load the game, simply go to this Adidas page (which uses Flash) and start up the game there. It will load a Google Earth file which will start the game. From the Adidas page: "The game is based on answering trivia questions of ten adidas-sponsored players. Each player is assigned 1 x 'who am I' question and 2 x 'trivia' questions with 4 possible answers each. Each question is geographically based. As a question is presented, the Google Earth globe spins to the relevant geographical location on the earth. This serves as a hint to the answer."

This is yet another example of how Google Earth is entering the mainstream as an interface to help capture the minds of potential customers for businesses. Click on my business category for lots of other examples.

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    Had a look but it does not seem to be working any more took me to another site when I pressed play

    Enviado por: Allan at 1 de Febrero 2007 a las 02:05 AM

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