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5 de Diciembre 2005

40 Highest Buildings in Rotterdam for Google Earth

Highest Buildings in 3D in Rotterdam in Google Earth screenshotSome students at the Hogeschool Rotterdam in the Netherlands made 3D models of the 40 highest buildings in Rotterdam for a school project. They used Sketchup, a 3D modelling program which supports exporting to Google Earth, to build the models. All the buildings were built by hand and they even used GPS to help with gathering their data. If you open their folder in the Places area called "Rotterdam Landmarks" you can open the "Tour & Info" folder and fly a tour of the buildings. Or you can click on the placemarks and see photos of the actual buildings. You can visit their web site for a general overview or to download from their site.

These models are quite colorful, and I wondered if the actual buildings are as colorful as the models. Looking at the provided photos you can see for yourself. The scale of the models looks accurate judging from the shadows the actual buildings casted in the Google Earth photo. The buildings look a lot better than the default buildings included in Google Earth for some of the major cities in the US. I would give these students an "A" (or the equivalent in the Netherlands).

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    Wow, impressive! As a citizen of Rotterdam (and projectmanager of the team) I can confirm that the building are very life-like. You can compare the actual and modelled buildings by looking at the popup with each building, which includes a photo of the original building.

    Enviado por: Eric de Vos at 5 de Diciembre 2005 a las 08:59 AM

    I agree. The buildings are beautiful. My compliments.

    Enviado por: gerard dummer at 9 de Diciembre 2005 a las 04:18 PM

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