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15 de Noviembre 2005

Iraq Conflict Casualties Map in Google Earth

Homes of casualties from Iraq conflict in Google EarthIn response to All Saints/Veterans Day, someone decided to collect and post a memorial of those who gave their lives so far in the Iraq conflict from the Americans and Coalition Forces. The author is called 'purblind_horus' at the Google Earth Community and he wanted this to be as non-political as possible. He wanted to remember those who gave their lives. He is also working to show the even larger number of innocent Iraqi's who have lost their lives.

Once you download the war casualties file , you will see placemarks showing the locations of the homes of each soldier. The information came from the official icasualties.org web site, and includes the 2212 casualties through 27-October-2005. In addition to the home location of each casualty, if you click on the placemark it may contain a photo, a link to basic background information, and links to other information, if available, such as news stories.

This is a valuable, and sobering, effort. It has been greatly appreciated by many at the GEC, and I hope some find it worthwhile here at the GEB as well. Here's the original post. Good work 'purblind_horus'!

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    Thanks for the map file. This is so sad! All these guys who will never see another birthday. And I know of two guys who commited suicide once back in Massachusetts after returning from Iraq. Does anyone track those casualties?

    Enviado por: Andy at 24 de Abril 2006 a las 08:49 PM

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