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11 de Noviembre 2005

Volvo Ocean Race in Google Earth

Volvo Ocean Race 2005 2006 in Google EarthThe Volvo Ocean Race is a round-the-world sailing yacht race which starts on November 12th from Vigo, Spain. This race is not a non-stop race. The race has stops in Cape Town, Melbourne, Wellington, Rio, Baltimore, New York, Portsmouth, Rotterdam, and finally in Gothenborg, Sweden. Already there are people lining up to show the race in Google Earth. You can check out this post at the Google Earth Community. I recommend you bookmark the post and go to it after the race gets started to find a Google Earth File for following the race. [EDIT: Click here to follow the race in Google Earth]

As an avid sailor myself, I've been...

As an avid sailor myself, I've been looking forward to watching a long-distance yacht race with Google Earth. Someone called 'jachim90' at the Google Earth Community posted a set of placemarks showing the start and end points of the race. I thought it would be a lot more useful to show the lines connecting those points, so I used his placemarks and created this file , which shows the approximate route of the entire Volvo Ocean Race with a different color for each leg.

Someone called "lucifer666" at the GEC contacted me about the new Volvo Race posts with his plans to follow the race closely. He was one of the same guys who did the Tour de France routes.

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    I am jachim90. Thank you for post my placemark and for the lines between the ports. Sorry for my english, I am spanish

    Enviado por: jachim90 at 12 de Noviembre 2005 a las 07:03 PM

    Another thing: in the leg Portsmouth to Rotterdam, the boats must to go around the british isles. The boats go the atlantic ocean, then go to the north and go down again. Sorry for my english

    Enviado por: jachim90 at 13 de Noviembre 2005 a las 09:03 AM

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