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4 de Noviembre 2005

Lugares de Avistajes de OVNIS en Google Earth

Lugares de Avistajes de OVNIS en Google EarthLa primera vez que escuché que alguien utilizaba los Mapas Google primero y Google Earth luego, para mostrar lugares donde se habían visto Ovnis, pensé que era algo tonto. Pero luego de ver el archivo de Google Earth , que particiona los avistajes de acuerdo al año en que se produjeron me dí cuenta de que es otra perspectiva. Nota: hay datos sólo para Estados Unidos (donde parece que más Ovnis aparecen).

Luego de descargarla en GE, vean en "Lugares" y fíjense dentro de la carpeta "UFO Sightings" para ver la información. Pueden activar las marcas de cada año en particular de una base de datos con datos desde el año 1860 a 2005. Lo que encontré interesante es la densidad de reportes a partir de 1995. Parece que una vez que arrancó Internet, más gente pudo comunicar sus especulaciones. Pero me pregunto si esto es un signo de sanidad de nuestra sociedad a lo largo del tiempo...

En cierta manera...

Años atrás trabajé en un Planetario donde dedicábamos un espectáculo a la explicación de diversos fenómenos naturales que muchas veces son interpretados como avistajes de Ovnis (y que para el público no eran conocidos). Por ejemplo: globos meteorológicos, helicópteros, meteoritos, satélites, etc. Luego de cada show el público podía contarnos sobre sus experiencias con Ovnis. Aparentemente, compartir esta información devino en más reportes sobre ovnis. Me pregunto si algún otro país tiene la cantidad de reportes de Ovnis - o al menos se acerca a esa cantidad - que los Estados Unidos.

Los datos de estos mapas están basados en una base de datos del Centro Nacional de Reportes de Ovnis. Los Mapas de Ovnis de Mapas Google y el archivo para Google Earth fueron creados por una compañía de Canadá llamada Poly9. A propósito, estos mapas estan técnicamente muy bien hechos. ¡Buen trabajo Poly9!

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    "I wonder whether this says something about the sanity of our society over time?"

    Actually, many sane people have seen UFO, and not just blurry nocturnal objects brought on by perceptual fatigue. I have read hundreds of credible comm/military pilot sightings which to me suggest that sanity and UFO sightings can coincide. I never doubted my sanity when a large, apparently metallic object flew overhead at low altitude in broad daylight. Btw, this object had very distinctive heat marks along the leading edge of an otherwise clean, metallic surface--such as you could expect for an object that re-entered from high orbit. However, this object was flying at a flat trajectory at low altitude. I won't begin to speculate what this object was, but I no longer doubt these things do happen. It should be an opportunity for science to apply some real rigor to this phenomena, versus attribute all cases to inversion layers, swamp gas, weather balloons, etc.

    Enviado por: KS at 8 de Octubre 2006 a las 03:14 AM

    the best place I know for sighting UFO"s is in Sholow,Az. In 1996 my son and I were just east of Sholow,az, we were at 7000 ft, the sky was clear. We saw what we thought to be satalites cirleing the earth above us,in two rows, one going north and one going south, suddenly two bright objects appeared, one from the east and one from the west, we thought they would cross the line of bright objects, however,once they entered the line, they made 90degree turns, one went north and the other went south,joining the many other bright objects.

    Enviado por: david at 14 de Diciembre 2006 a las 09:09 AM

    I wonder why Az is such a hot spot for sightings? Any ideas?

    Enviado por: Pedro at 12 de Abril 2007 a las 01:01 PM

    These folks used google maps to show sightings in my area:


    I think it is very cool.

    Enviado por: Lauren at 14 de Abril 2007 a las 09:54 PM

    Is there life outside our own beautifull blue globe ?
    Well, it would be pretty arrogant to think we are the only ones.

    I find it quite amusing that if you look for UFO sightings on the internet, that 99% of those happen in the states.

    It can mean a few things...
    a) Any intelligent life that is capable of visiting our earth, just loves the USA.


    b) Americans are superstitious ?

    I vote on the latter one.

    Enviado por: Maik at 2 de Mayo 2007 a las 08:06 PM

    I just saw a bright light in the sky, looks brighter than a star. It appeared to be really close and once my husband and I pulled out our cameras to capture the image, both our cameras stopped working and said we needed new batteries. The light then began to grow brighter and then dim, only to disappear and then reappear again. Could this be a ufo? It remained still in the same area and didnt move at all, only when it would fade and come into view again.

    Enviado por: olive at 12 de Mayo 2007 a las 12:54 AM

    I found a for sure ufo, same as the triangle shaped one in Australia, its in the northern part of Germany. 53 deg.08'33.50"N 13deg01'46.48"E
    If you can check it out and please get back to me. And theres thousands of string like entities all over. Above land and water, small and big ones, some with heads. It's trippy shit. Their everywhere.

    Enviado por: Ozone at 5 de Junio 2007 a las 11:54 PM

    "Note, this data is only for the United States (where most UFOs appear of course)."

    You've been watching too many Hollywood movies. Ever heard of Mexico?

    Enviado por: Duke at 6 de Febrero 2008 a las 01:48 AM

    Once i saw a big light. It was a ufo because soon after the came down and took me in their ship.they said they were friendly and didnt want to hurt us. details on the ship: metallic and a deep blue and red and purple.fukin huge.big as my street block. they didnt speak english(this isnt star trek),but i just knew what they were saying.it was like a blurry tape, just understandable, but not perfect sound.But people,
    what kind of idiots would fly 50 billion light years to start a fight? not these 'people'. o yea, they said they werent from or galaxy, and they werent that advanced in tecnology then as, only by a little. they gave me the ability to think what i say, like them,so i can contact them if i need em.so dont worry people. i tok care of the threat.

    Enviado por: Joesph Johnson at 18 de Febrero 2008 a las 03:41 PM

    Muy bueno, ojalá la próxima versión del Google Earth venga con Ufo Maps y no haya que bajarlo.

    Enviado por: Mauricio Videla at 10 de Octubre 2008 a las 07:17 PM

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