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23 de Noviembre 2005

The Ubiquitous DC-3 Found in Google Earth

DC-3 DC3 Locations in Google EarthThe DC-3 was first built in 1935, and the first commercial airline, American Airlines, flew it in 1936. Just over 10,000 DC-3s were built, and over 1,000 of them are still flying today. They have been used for the military, commercial airlines, skydiving clubs, and pretty much every other imaginable flying use. They are beloved by many in the aviation world.

In the Google Earth Community, one of the DC-3s biggest fans is someone called "Hill". Hill has been collecting the locations of DC-3s , and documenting them with placemarks. With the help of many other people in his forum thread, they have found over 250 so far. I encourage you to look at his forum thread as he has some background information and links to DC-3 related web sites. One of the best links I looked at was the DC-3 Hangar.

Once you download the GE File above, it is very interesting to double click on the placemarks and witness the location of these planes. Some are just hulks stored off the airport, sometimes with entire forests grown up around them. Others are still on the tarmac, obviously ready to fly. And, the locations are all over the world. The DC-3 is easy to recognize, so it can be fun to look for. This is an admirable collection. Good work Hill!

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    what is google erth images?
    is ikonoos?

    Enviado por: maha at 24 de Noviembre 2005 a las 10:57 AM

    Google Earth uses a combination of satellite photos from different satellites and aerial photography.

    Enviado por: Frank Taylor at 24 de Noviembre 2005 a las 07:43 PM

    Unfortunately a DC3 Dakota in Hamilton International Airport's "Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum" located at Mount Hope, Ontario, Canada didn't make your list. It is just outside the high detail area and therefore can't be seen. In good flying weather it and most other aircraft in this museum are flown regularly. Most notable is the Lancaster bomber. Museum website is: http://secure.warplane.com/index.html
    Well worth the visit...

    Enviado por: Paul Seabrook at 7 de Enero 2007 a las 11:32 AM

    In 1998 there were two DC-3s sitting side by side at the Lodi Ca. location, one was painted and the other was silver. I wonder where the silver one went, I had a video of the painted one landing after she dumped a load of sky divers. I don't know where that video is now.
    Later Bob

    Enviado por: Bob Baker at 15 de Enero 2007 a las 10:40 PM

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