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18 de Noviembre 2005

New Version of Google Earth (3.0.0762)

The new version can be downloaded in the usual location here. This is mostly a bug fixes and cosmetic fixes upgrade. Here's the curent release notes.

Apparently the main bug was a random bug which caused problems with placemark icons. I had seen this bug myself with a couple of large placemark collections I developed. They claim this bug has been fixed. This is the third bug-fixes and cosmetic upgrade in the last month. As I've said before, one has to wonder if they plan to go out of beta soon...

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 18 de Noviembre 2005 a las 04:32 PM

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    i like to explore and find out more about earth and maps

    Enviado por: hussein at 20 de Noviembre 2005 a las 02:02 PM

    lebanon my home town

    Enviado por: hussein at 20 de Noviembre 2005 a las 02:02 PM


    Enviado por: ruru at 22 de Noviembre 2005 a las 10:15 AM

    In the latest free version, there are search errors. Valencia Spain is not in northwest Spain.

    Enviado por: Court Chilton at 24 de Noviembre 2005 a las 09:02 PM

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