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2 de Noviembre 2005

MapLandia - Unique International Google Maps/Earth Website

 align=right><a href=Maplandia.com was announced last week. I hesitated to write a story about it because it has limited Google Earth support. But, Maplandia does have a lot of potential. Maplandia.com addresses a concern that much of the world is not currently really mapped in the Google Maps data. Sure, there are borders and capitals and such for all countries. MapLandia provides regional and administrative district outlines for almost every country. It also has many more cities and geographic references for countries all over the world.

Maplandia.com provides...

Maplandia.com provides links to allow you to customize your own web page and provide reference links to maps about your favorite geographic places. It also provides links to travel information related to most locations. And, once you find a specific location/city, the web site provides a link to a Google Earth placemark for that location. Unfortunately, currently this is the extent of the Google Earth support. I was hoping he would provide more detail in the placemark's description about that city/region/country. But, maybe the author will add that later. Also, it seems to me a link for Google Earth can be created for any placemark, not just when you drill down to a specific location.

Maplandia organizes its web pages for the various locations very consistently and the URL for these pages provides a fast way to find anything around the world. For example, you can type http://www.maplandia.com/new-zealand/auckland/ to find Auckland, New Zealand.

Good commentary about Maplandia can be found at Google Maps Mania and at OgleEarth.com.

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