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15 de Noviembre 2005

GPSVisualizer Supports Google Earth

GPSVisualizer.com has just started supporting Google Earth. Adam Schneider, the author of GPSVisualizer.com, is a Mac User so he hadn't tried supporting the format. (Yet another vote for Google Earth to be ported to the Mac). But, this weekend, Adam went ahead and borrowed a Windows machine and did a nice implementation for GE.

GPSVisualizer.com, for those who don't know, is a free Internet based set of forms for creating nice looking visualizations of your GPS tracks. It supports a variety of file formats, and many different customization options for your output. You can check out his Google Earth output form here. This form makes it easy to upload your GPS track and convert it into a nice looking Google Earth KML file. One thing I like is that he supports "Altitude Mode" so your airplane GPS tracks actually show the altitude above earth.

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