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25 de Noviembre 2005

Tracking Birds with Google Earth

Bird Tracks Migrations in Google Earth Asia screenshot[Update 1:55PM: It turns out instead of GPS, they used a doppler technology called Argos for tracking the birds]

Using technology to follow the movements of birds, animals and fish is an interesting application of technology. It is fascinating to me to see the places other species will travel. Recently, someone from Russia who calls himself "Valery35" at the Google Earth Community, has published tracks of birds in Russia as they migrate so you can view them in Google Earth.

Once you download the GE file above, you will need to open the "Birds" folder in your Temporary Places and turn on the tracks for the different birds. I found it particularly fascinating to watch the Stellar Sea Eagle as he migrated south along the east coast of Russia, stopping for a while at presumably the best hunting grounds along the way. Some of the birds have a photograph and the datasources are documented in a placemark description. Good work Valery35! Cpacibo!

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    There are similar bird-tracking projects on pages of the Czech Radio. They don't provide GE links, but they show the tracks in Google Maps.

    They have lots of articles about the birds and the area.

    New Odyssey: http://www.rozhlas.cz/odysea/angl/
    Flying Over: http://www.rozhlas.cz/flyingover/portal/ (mixed Czech/English content)

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