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10 de Noviembre 2005

Excellent Geographical Data for Google Earth

Countries and Territories in Google EarthOne of the most basic forms of information Google Earth provides is basic geography showing the outlines and names of countries (if you turn on the "Borders" layer). Someone at the Google Earth Community named "zmarties" has placemarked all of the countries and most territories of the world. You can download his Countries and Territories here . When you click on the placemark he provides an image of the country's flag, and links to:

  • Books about the country (from Amazon)
  • Facts from the CIA World Factbook
  • Google search for the country, plus images and news
  • Images from Google Images
  • News from Google News
  • Lonely Planet info about the country
  • The country's entry in the Wikipedia

This is an excellent example of combining access to web-based information with your map. 'zmarties' also has a web page about this and has a web-page version of his country data which allows you to view the location of the country in any of several map programs (Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, etc.). Great work zmarties!

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    Good work, i checked it ant it is really nice, I'm working on a site now (database driven) would like you to check. it is http://www.AllAboutCountries.com

    Thank you.

    Enviado por: Ashraf at 20 de Noviembre 2006 a las 09:03 PM

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