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12 de Noviembre 2005

Everything You Wanted to Know About Singapore

Singapore information tourist locations in Google EarthAfter growing frustrated with inaccurately placemarks posted at the Google Earth Community (GEC) for locations in Singapore, a poster with the username 'chionh' started posting his own. He has released numerous updates, and now has hundreds of placemarks and even tracks for major roads for Singapore. The latest version (at the time of this writing) is Version 4.6. If you download this link you will get the latest version which comes from his thread at the GEC.

Once you download the above link you need to go to the Places pane (on the left) and open the Singapore folders. Turn on the categories you are interested in (if you turn them on all at once you will be inundated with too much information). The categories are well-organized and informative, although putting some photographs and more links in the descriptions would make it even nicer. Singapore is fortunate in that a large portion of the area is in high resolution.

This placemark effort is...

This placemark effort is similar to that found in the story I wrote about for Thailand. The Thailand effort is massive - at the GEC it has been downloaded over 25,000 times and has thousands of placemarks. For countries which do not yet have layers loaded into the default Google Earth databases, this type of effort is an excellent substitute. I would suggest Google Earth consider getting permission to use these placemarks in the official layers instead of just letting them be in the Community layers.

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