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30 de Noviembre 2005

Best Software Product of 2005: Google Earth

I predict this is just the first of many such announcements for this year. The San Diego Daily Transcript has announced their Best Products of 2005 and Google Earth was selected as the best software product. From the announcement: "A breathtaking product and one of the best free downloads ever...".

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 30 de Noviembre 2005 a las 08:22 AM

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    Don't you think this software is a little bit too dangerous? With the terrorist attacks nowadays.. don't you think exposing areas is a wrong? With the technologiez nowadays.. if terrorists were planning to do a wrong.. they would be just searching the information they want here... And like everybody else.. We're concern.. for the safety of our country as all the naval bases and air defence places.. can be viewed easily. People are becoming more worried than ever....

    Enviado por: Someone concern at 2 de Diciembre 2005 a las 04:13 AM

    I suspect a bit of trolling for controversy here, but let me just say briefly that this has been addressed many times already all over the web. If governments were really worried about this, applications like Google Earth, World Wind, Virtual Earth, Google Maps, and TerraServer (and the dozens of satellite and aerial photography companies selling the data they use) wouldn't exist. The data in Google Earth is simply too old (2 to 4 years) to be of any operational value. The data (and better) is readily available from many sources.

    For lots of commentary on this, read http://www.ogleearth.com/ and do a search on 'terrorist' or 'government'.

    Enviado por: Frank Taylor at 2 de Diciembre 2005 a las 07:48 AM

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