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18 de Noviembre 2005

Astronaut Photos of Pacific Islands

Pacific Islands space shuttle photos by astronauts in Google EarthOne of the ironic things about using Google Earth is that despite the fact this fantastic program offers enormous amounts of high resolution 3D viewing at no cost, sometimes we are disappointed when things aren't high resolution. A lot of people seem to be disappointed when they can't see their house. For me, as a sailor, I'm disappointed remote islands are in low resolution. :-)

Well, apparently I'm not the only one. Someone called 'neon_' at the Google Earth Community decided to do something about it. He has provided higher-resolution photos from space for many of the Pacific Islands , along with interesting annotations about those islands, as a collection of image overlays. Once you download the Pacific Islands file you should open the folder in your "Temporary Places" and start turning on the placemarks one by one (Caution: don't turn on the entire folder or it will load all the images at once.) . Make sure you double click the placemarks to be flown to the view of each island, and click the placemark again to show the placemark description

The images come from NASA's excellent Earth From Space: Astronauts' Views of the Home Planet. It was interesting seeing many of these very remote islands, and reading some of the background neon provided. It was a challenge to get these images to align properly since some are taken at an angle other than directly above. Great work neon!

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