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14 de Octubre 2005

Winners of Black Helicopter Google Earth Contest

The Register has announced the winners of their "Spot the Black Helicopter" contest using Google Earth. Their competition results story includes dozens of photos and interesting commentary about the photos. Winners get a t-shirt with this logo on it.

The story includes some wild speculation about a high resolution photo "discovered" in Zanzibar Africa and tries to compare this to the lack of high resolution data for the White House. Do your homework Mr. Journalist. There are 500 high resolution photos of Africa in Google Earth courtesy of their arrangement with National Geographic which has been well publicized. Duh. The other disappointing thing, I found no link to a KML with placemarks for these discoveries.

The Register has been doing a lot of sensationalistic journalism around Google Earth and its being able to find pictures of Military and Intelligence locations. Apparently to great benefit as witnessed by their successful contest. Still, I'm glad more people are finding out about our favorite application.

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    quiero que me manden una pagina explicandome como hago para adquirir imagenes de campos en forma setelital pero de mas cerca, gracias los saludo atte


    Enviado por: guillermo piacenza at 15 de Octubre 2005 a las 11:24 AM

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