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26 de Octubre 2005

Post-Wilma NOAA Aerial Photography Released

According to Kathryn Cramer, the Global Connection Project has released high-resolution aerial photography dated 25-October-2005 for viewing in Google Earth at this location. There are 760 NOAA images of areas affected by Hurricane Wilma available in the collection. These images are confined to the Florida Keys and west and central Florida (none for Cozumel yet - which was probably much more seriously damaged. Of course, NOAA is a US Government agency, so image would have to come from elsewhere for Cozumel and that area).

I downloaded the Google Earth file and perused through the new images, but I could see little sign of damage. (But, I'm not a damage assessment expert - although I had no problem noticing damage in the Katrina photos). I looked for downed trees and boats knocked out of docks. But, in the 20 or so photos I looked at I didn't see any. The good news is that there are some nice high res images of areas not covered by the base Google Earth database available for viewing here. You'll want to download the 4Kx4K images for maximum resolution viewing, but be aware they will take longer to download and will take up more memory (so dont open too many).

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    you don't see any damage bc these are PRE-hurricane photos

    Enviado por: laura at 6 de Diciembre 2006 a las 12:51 AM

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