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16 de Octubre 2005

Google Helps Earthquake Relief Efforts

As with the recent hurricane disasters in the Unitied States, Google (and its Google Earth users) have worked to try and help the Earthquake efforts in Pakistan. In my opinion, Google is doing a very good thing by helping relief efforts in this way. Even though Google Earth is just a beta product, the fact it is free and is supported by Google's very robust servers and databases makes it an ideal tool for these types of applications. That and the fact it is such an easy to use geographic visualization tool.

First, a Google staff member dedicated to the Current Events forum at the Google Earth Community called montana_morrison has collected a number of earthquake related posts with useful information here.. This includes UN Damage Assessment data, seismic and tectonic shake data, and more.

In addition, Google worked with its space-based imaging partner Digital Globe to create a collection of higher-resolution imagery for the most affected areas in Pakistan. You can read their announcement here (dated October 14th) and it includes instructions and links for downloading the high resolution pictures. You should probably only open a few images at a time as they will take up a lot of memory.

By the way, I don't believe these images show post-earthquake data. They are just releasing the higher resolution data to help people on the scene see better.

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