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3 de Octubre 2005

Earth-sized Game

In this puzzle game you have to find the place belonging to a picture from somewhere in Google Earth. Over 60 puzzles have been played so far, and 7 of them still haven't been solved. The picture included here is the oldest (single image) puzzle yet to be solved. You can find these puzzles at GoogleEarthing.com. Apparently there is a prize for those who get the image location right first (a GoogleEarthing.com coffee mug maybe?). Sometimes GoogleEarthing publishes mutliple image games where you have to get several images right.

Similar guessing puzzles have been posted at the GE Community forums, and in fact there is a forum dedicated to "Fun and Games" for just this purpose. But, GoogleEarthing is a more formalized and better organized way of playing. Plus, you get a prize!

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 3 de Octubre 2005 a las 08:56 AM

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