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14 de Octubre 2005

Earth Contest

A few days ago a new Google Earth game came out called "Earth Contest". The game claims to be an "online reality game where players face extreme challenges and face their worst fears all while trying to beat the GameMaster." You are given clues in the form of placemarks and words, and choices appear in the placemark descriptions. You get codes to enter into a browser form and these lead you to choices which are based on mostly geographical clues (like "Windy City" or "Puget Sound"). Simply go to the Earth Contest web site to get started. All the instructions and a tutorial are on their pages.

The game is free to play. They say if you beat the Gamemaster you can advance to the "Big Game" where you can win "big rewards" (none specified). The web site does have some online advertisements, but nothing flashy or annoying that I saw in my brief test. Some sort of method of scoring and/or ability to compare your progress to other people would be more game-like in my opinion.

This is certainly the game with the most integration with Google Earth to date. An interesting concept which I will have to explore a bit more. I ran into a scripting error, but it didn't seem to effect the play. I'm going to need to add a Games category soon.

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    The rumor is that the BIG GAME is nearly complete. The GameMaster claims it is not for the feint of heart. Do you have the courage?

    There are rumors of a grand prize floating around. I encourage you to try out the game so you have some time to practice.

    The Spy


    Enviado por: Spy at 15 de Octubre 2005 a las 12:58 PM

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