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11 de Octubre 2005

Categorized African Animals in Google Earth

[NOTE: Make sure you have the "National Geographic Magazine" layer turned on in your Layer's pane on the left side of GE]

There have been some discussions at the Google Earth Community trying to find and categorize the animals in the pictures from the National Geographic Megaflyover of Africa collection. Someone named "Reggie98" has posted a really nice collection which has the animals categorized according to type and put into placemark subfolders. You can find: elephants, hippos, goats, flamingos, seals, and more. You can look at his post here. Simply open the folder "African animals" and you will see the list of animals, or click on the photo icons as you zoom across Africa.

This is a more informative and organized way to examine these wonderfully detailed photos from the National Geographic collection. I hope Reggie98 continues to collect more details from the 500 photos included in the Megaflyover collection.

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