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30 de Septiembre 2005

UK Autumn Leaves Changing Colour

Now that leaves are changing colour in the UK, it's a good time to write a story about this one. Rob Roy released a very cool network link which grabs the current leaf colour for different regions in the UK from a Forrestry web site and shows the leaf colour changes in Google Earth. Since it is a network link, all you have to do is save it in your "My Places" and turn it on and it will automatically check for changes and show you the current leaf colours. You can view his post where he announced his network link at the Google Earth Community.

Now, if only some people would write Autumn Color programs for the rest of the world. Rob Roy already told me he doesn't have the time to do the US.

Rob Roy is also the maker of FlickrFly which lets you fly to where your georeferenced photograph in Flickr was taken into Google Earth.

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