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20 de Septiembre 2005

Storm Tracking Tools - Hurricanes Rita/Phillipe

With the new Hurricane Phillipe in the Atlantic and Hurricane Rita threatening Florida and Cuba at the moment, this is a good time to introduce a new hurricane tracking link for Google Earth and a reminder of another one.

First check out this new Hurricane tracker which not only shows the tracks of current storms for the Atlantic, but for the whole world. One of the new features is that the storm links themselves include a list of satellite photos which appear when you click on them as shown in the picture shown here. This new tracker was done by someone known as 'glooton' from 'La Faute sur Mer (France)' in the Google Earth Community and was released in this post. It is a network link, so any updates he makes should be automatic. Save it in your 'My Places' folder. Nice job glooten!

You should also check out this other nice resource for following Atlantic tropical storms which I wrote about earlier. You also might want to read "All Atlantic Hurricanes 1851-Present".

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 20 de Septiembre 2005 a las 08:06 AM

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    Yes, quite cool. I'm hoping someone will expand the amount of models they're tracking though.

    Enviado por: B.K. DeLong at 20 de Septiembre 2005 a las 08:41 AM

    If you're looking for more Hurricane tracks, check out my article under the weather category called "All Atlantic Hurricanes 1851-Present".

    Enviado por: Frank Taylor at 20 de Septiembre 2005 a las 09:14 AM

    Do you mean the computer models? The second tool I mentioned in the article shows several computer models for possible directions a storm can take.

    Enviado por: Frank Taylor at 20 de Septiembre 2005 a las 01:37 PM

    As of 4 pm, Rita is a category 5 storm with 165-mph winds, located 300 miles west of Key West, Florida. Rita is moving west at 12 mph, and will move out into the central Gulf over the next 24-48 hours. Yet another one for the record books. This is the first time in recorded history that two Cat 5 Hurricanes have developed in the Gulf of Mexico in the same year.

    Enviado por: jeff ragovin at 21 de Septiembre 2005 a las 05:21 PM

    Thanks for the update Jeff, you have a nice web site for storm/weather related news.

    Enviado por: Frank Taylor at 21 de Septiembre 2005 a las 07:41 PM

    Thanks Frank!

    Enviado por: jeff ragovin at 22 de Septiembre 2005 a las 09:56 AM

    i love the google earth with the sat. pics! Awesome

    Enviado por: jeff ragovin at 22 de Septiembre 2005 a las 10:22 AM

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