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23 de Septiembre 2005

Hurricane Rita - Using Google Earth to Track

Hurricane Rita track in Google EarthDue to Hurricane Rita, there's a lot of interest in finding tools for tracking and watching the hurricane. Normally I write stories on one application/tool at a time, but given the intense interest in these tools I'm just going to share all the main tools I have found useful.

Here is my list of Hurricane weather tools from my My Places folder. You will want to open the various sub folders and explore the different types of information (satellite photos, sea surface temperatures, computer models, and more).

Contained within this folder are actually contributions from dozens of individuals. You all deserve credit, but in the interest of timing I'm just throwing this stuff out. The main two tracking tools I've written about here. You can find most of these tools and other related web sites in a post maintained by a Google employee at the Google Earth Community here.

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