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29 de Septiembre 2005

Google Helps NASA

Google and NASA announced an agreement last night that may have major implications for Google Earth. Google will be building a research facility on NASA property near Silicon Valley at the NASA Ames Research Center. In the process, Google will be gaining better access to NASA's huge repository of space-related information. NASA will benefit from Google's expertise in managing and organizing huge data repositories.

Google was quoted as saying "We already have Google Earth. We'd like to have Google Mars and Google Moon." (Maybe this time they will show that the moon isn't made of cheese?)

NASA was quoted as saying that the partnership was "...unprecedented, unparalleled and unequal.''

Apparently this announcement is largely based on a "memorandum of understanding" and they were not announcing a lot of specific details yet. However, you can bet Google Earth can only get better from this.

There is a good write-up on the announcement by the San Jose Mercury News at the Miami Herald here. And, the Google Press Release is available as well.

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    I hope the NASA-Google partnerships leads to
    better days for Nasa's Worldwind as well.
    My own experience on the Worldwind Forum indicates there's still some friction between them.
    see: http://forum.worldwind.arc.nasa.gov/index.php?showtopic=2532&view=findpost&p=25164

    Enviado por: bill mcleod at 29 de Septiembre 2005 a las 11:22 PM

    We need google mars, and google moon, so we can really know whats going on up there if you know what I mean, the truth is there and alot of people know whats going on already, hope to God that we could stop hiding the truth from the public, hopefully show them the real truth,were hoping its hollow like earth.

    Enviado por: Jared Higgins at 15 de Febrero 2006 a las 11:00 AM

    Look for updated data maps and virtual flyovers of the Moon and Mars in the coming months ahead.

    Enviado por: Kevin Corren at 19 de Diciembre 2006 a las 01:21 AM

    This can only spell trouble for NASA. If I were Google, I would do some research into NASA. They aren't nearly the as innocent as the media would have you believe. They have a long track record of suppressing truth and initimdating former partners... i.e. HAARP, into what seems like a match made in heaven, only to be bullied out completely. I say watch out. The govt already has moved in to control and censure Google, and now we have the military industrial complex.

    There are a lot of good people at NASA, but also a lot of NAZI holdovers. Keep your eyes on this.

    Enviado por: anonmouse at 27 de Marzo 2007 a las 12:23 PM

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