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3 de Septiembre 2005

City of Portland GIS Adds 3D Buildings

The City of Portland has added a slick new addition to their GIS information which I wrote about earlier. This new capability shows building property outlines as transparent 3D polygons as well as the parcel/property outline. Make sure you use the tilt capability to see this best. You can move your view around to other parts of the city and it will automatically load another area of the city. It can't load too large of an area at once as it will be too much information. Download the file here to see it in action.

This is really slick stuff, and other cities should be paying attention to the City of Portland, which is leading the way in showing how GIS information can be put into the hands of the world (literally). My hat is off to the GIS team at the City of Portland! Here is the City of Portland's post which includes details about how they are doing this.

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    Just a note on the 3D buildings: We put them out there on an experimental basis, using a constant extrusion value for all polygons. We are doing a bit of research to see if we can get real elevation values and make things accurately represent the individual building. I feel we may be able to do this for a good percentage of the commercial structures.



    Enviado por: MQ at 4 de Septiembre 2005 a las 12:52 AM

    did you use G.E. tools to build? Screampoint has creatd a plugin for Max to export to GE.


    in the chance that citys have already delevloped the data base in other formats they could convert to kml

    Enviado por: kim at 11 de Noviembre 2005 a las 05:37 PM

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