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2 de Agosto 2005

Sightseeing in Google Earth

All of us go and explore the Earth after installing Google Earth (GE). But, some of the most interesting things are hard to find. Thankfully, thousands of other people want to share their finds with you. The hard part is finding the best.

The first place to look is at the Google Earth Community (it's at the Keyhole site, since Keyhole was the original version of the product before Google bought Keyhole). You can find all kinds of interesting places by reading these forums. But, the format is kind of hard to use to delve through all the information and find the real gems.

Another good site is www.gearthhacks.com. At the time of this writing they have over 2000 entries and a nice "photo" gallery approach to showing interesting Google Earth places. I will be including these and other locations in my reference section soon.

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