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27 de Agosto 2005

New Beta Version of Google Earth

Speaking of Ogle, I just found out that there's a new beta version of Google Earth available when you download Google Earth called version 3.0.0529. One new feature allows you to share a Placemark with the Google Earth Community, and I assume ultimately with the BBS Layer. I'm not sure this is a good idea, because the layer is already getting cluttered (see this story). Not only that, but this new version of GE uses Internet Explorer to execute the post (even if another browser is your default) - Bad Google!

[Edit: 11:45AM] Google has already responded that I have found a bug with the external browser use and they'll fix it. Also, they say they are working on the duplicate placemark problem. Also, they are just getting ready to release this version to the "Check for Updates" option in GE.

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