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20 de Agosto 2005

Lost Ladder on Google's Roof

I was browsing the new high resolution data for Google's headquarters in California and noticed someone left a ladder on their roof! I thought this was pretty amusing so I posted a placemark in the GE Community forums. Check out the ladder for yourself. :-)

It turns out I was one of several who posted about the ladder in the forums. Some people added amusing thoughts like: "How do you find a lost ladder at Google? Do a search in Google Earth!" or "Evidence of a Google Crime Scene". Add your own picture title in the comments here for more fun.

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 20 de Agosto 2005 a las 08:08 AM

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    Maybe the janitor uses it to clean the lens on the satellite?

    Enviado por: GWH at 30 de Agosto 2005 a las 01:10 AM

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