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26 de Agosto 2005

Hurricanes/Tropical Data

Hurricane Katrina has just passed through Florida and is gaining strength in the Gulf of Mexico. This is a good time to talk about another weather resource for following Tropical storms in the Atlantic.

In a timely post back in late July, Paul Seabury (the same guy who posted the excellent resource showing All Hurricanes Since 1851 I wrote about earlier) has compiled a network link that automatically presents the current forecasts models, sea surface temperatures, satellite pictures, and other data for all current Atlantic tropical storms. You can download it here .

This is such a convenient tool, I've made it a permanent part of my Places folder. Make sure you explore the various sub-folders which contain things like SST (Sea Surface Temperatures in various formats), and Satellite Images. Excellent work again Paul!

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    excellent use when about to travel or when in route. Nothing comes close

    Enviado por: Tommy at 28 de Agosto 2005 a las 02:07 PM

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